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The Great Protein Powder Debate: Do We Really Need It?

The Great Protein Powder Debate: Do We Really Need It?

Despite there now being a whole host of protein powders designed and marketed especially for women, there's an amazing amount of confusion and myth around this misunderstood supplement. I still get these questions all the time:

"Will it make me bulky?"

"How do I use it?"

"Will it make me bulky?" (I really get this one a lot!)

I thought it was about time we debunked some of the myths surrounding protein powder, and gave you a few ideas about how to use it and which ones to spend your money on.


Myth #1: I can't be slim and use protein powder (can I?)

The truth: Yes, you can!

How? Long, lean muscle is created by protein, so there's no way you'll achieve that defined, lean body without having sufficient of it in your diet. Protein powder is a really easy way of doing this if you're struggling with a hectic schedule, or you just can't manage another chicken breast! The only way protein powder will make you bigger is if you're consuming it alongside too much unhealthy food and not enough exercise. In short, it won't be the protein powder that bulks you up: it'll be the rest of your diet and lifestyle. 

Myth #2: I've no idea how to use protein powder - it's tastes horrible with water!

The truth: There are loads of ways to use protein powder, not just in a shake.

How? I virtually never have protein shakes, mainly because I'm a total porridge fiend and add my protein powder to that most days (trust me, it tastes amazing). You can also make protein pancakes using a flour of your choice (almond, coconut, gluten-free etc), an egg and some almond milk or water (ridiculously easy), or even a protein sorbet which is one of my favourites - just blend 1/2 scoop of protein powder, 1/2 cup of frozen berries, 1 tsp of cacao powder, 1/2 cup almond milk and an optional cup of frozen spinach or kale for a nutrient blast!

Myth #3: All protein powders are designed for men.

The truth: They're not! Most protein powders meet women's goals as well as men's.

How? Most big brands have one or more protein powders designed just for women, and there are plenty of unisex products that will work for you - it's just a case of knowing what to look for.

I've recently been using Whey Better by Bio-Synergy, and I have to say I absolutely love it. I'm lactose-intolerant so always opt for a whey isolate like Whey Better which is both gluten- and lactose-free. This protein powder is for both men and women but using this alongside a tweaked training regime I lost 7lbs of body fat in 3 weeks, so I can personally vouch for how good it is!

I used this alongside their Acai Berry & Green Tea capsules, for added antioxidants and a little caffeine boost, and Blue Raspberry BCAA powder which I added to my water for pre- or mid-training hydration. I love these products and cannot recommend them highly enough. There are tonnes of products on the market but these ones really work!

If you have a busy lifestyle and really want to maximise your training, protein powder is the way forward. Just to be clear too: this isn't a sponsored post, I just really rate Bio-Synergy products. I've tried plenty but this protein powder, BCAA and acai berry capsules made such a difference to my body that I can't not recommend them! AND it's their 18th birthday so you can get 25% off your order - I'm off to order mine now! 

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