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In-House Competition #1!

in-house competition fit missions

On Saturday we hosted our first in-house fitness competition, pairing up our male and female athletes to fight it out over three mini-Fit Missions to be crowned Champions!

The battle commenced with...

Fit Mission #1

Each person in your pair must complete 25-15-10 reps of:

Box jump overs (24"/20")

Plate ground to overheads (10kg/20kg)

Ab mat sit ups.

The competition was well and truly on! After a short break we went straight into...

Fit Mission #2

Within a 6 minute time cap, complete as many rounds of the following:

5 deadlifts (40kg/70kg)

10 syncronised over-bar burpees

15 syncronised air squats

After two Fit Missions it was all to play for, with nearly all teams still in contention to take home first place! The adrenaline was really pumping by this point and we were all raring to go into the final head-to-head heats to find our winners...which meant tackling this beast of a workout:

Fit Mission #3

In a 12 minute time cap, complete as a pair 3 rounds of:

40 calorie row

40 plate lunges (10kg/20kg)

40 kettlebell swings (12kg/16kg)

(You can break this work up any way; it does not have to be divided equally.)

Cue the tense (and very sweaty!) wait whilst Head Coach Stew added up the scores ready to announce our winners...

...and the winners were:

In 1st Place - Josh Bagshawe & Emma Dakin

Prizes: a Clarins goody bag each courtesy of Bamboo Beauty in Bakewell; Fit Missions gift vouchers; Mission Athletecare clothing for Josh and The North Face & Reebok goodies for Emma

In 2nd place - Louisa Fotherby & James Hodgson

Prizes: a Brock & Morten kitchen gift pack & Fit Missions gift vouchers

In 3rd place - Taz Rafiq & Louise Cumberland

Prizes: Fit Missions gift vouchers.

fit missions competition december winners

We had an ABSOLUTE BLAST on Saturday and we loved the buzz there was in here, how much you all got stuck into the spirit of things and the incredible efforts from our athletes creating a nail-biting finish! We are also incredibly grateful to Kate at Bamboo Beauty, and Kate and Ben at Brock & Morten for their generous prizes. We'll definitely be running another competition soon...so keep training hard, eating well, being HAPPY and we'll see you in here soon for a good sesh!

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