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The Detox (that isn't really a detox...)

The Detox (that isn't really a detox...)

My favourite phrase to overhear in January is typically: “I think I’ve been eating non-stop for an entire month.” We’ve all been there when we’re sick of the sight of mince pies and even the spinach-haters among us start craving something green. Welcome to 2017, everyone!

The temptation is to go all-out and attempt some radical new diet where you fast for hours, drink specially-pressed juices and generally feel a bit hungry and miserable for a few weeks before you give up, because it’s completely unsustainable.

What if I told you there is a detox that allows you to eat loads of REAL FOOD, still drink coffee, have more energy and lose up to a stone in 28 days?

We trialled two detoxes at Fit Missions in November – one vegetarian and one Paleo – and the results were so good that we’re re-running them with new recipes, enhanced support and a new gluten and dairy-free menu from January 6th . Tim Hutchinson, who joined us in September 2016, has lost 35lbs since starting, including over 1 stone on the November Detox. Here's Tim's story:

“My fitness has always been pretty good and at home we eat relatively healthy food. We make as much as possible from scratch, washed down with a beer or a nice bottle of wine, and sometimes a chocolate bar as a treat because I’ve been good with my healthy food and a long walk or bike ride. But ‘I just can’t shift this weight’ – who was I kidding?!

“I found myself signing up for a free two weeks at Fit Missions, and when they told me about the detox I thought I’d give it a try. The plan was easy to follow and didn’t contain ingredients you can only get from obscure places. I had more energy and the weight started to drop off. I was even allowed a treat day which I took full advantage of. Although the detox is over it has completely changed how I think about food and I continue to follow much of the same routine as I did during those 4 weeks. It is not a chore by any means, this is now just a way of life. The team at Fit Missions have been incredible and I owe them such a debt of gratitude for all their support and encouragement. Long may it continue!”

The Fit Missions Epiphany Detox begins on 6th January, runs for 28 days and is included as part of your Unlimited, Young Athlete or Drop-In Membership. If you haven't tried Fit Missions yet, download our app (search 'Fit Missions' in your app store) and book your Complimentary Two Week Membership before 6th January and you can join in too.

You can choose from:

  • Paleo Menu (recommended option for meat-eaters)
  • Vegetarian Menu
  • Dairy and Gluten Free Menu

We are also offering enhanced support and new classes for those of you who really want to go for it and get great results! You can register for your place here and join the Fit Missions Team who are all taking part...let's see what a difference 4 weeks can make!

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